Cherokee Enrollment Information

Enrollment into an American Indian tribe is truly a serious decision for anyone to make. By enrolling into a tribe, you are determining your future and status as both a US citizen as well as a citizen of that tribe.

Dependant upon the family line, some people may be eligible for federal recognition. In other instances, some people may be eligible for state recognition in their state, if their state even has a formal tribal recognition program. If either is the case for you, we strongly suggest that you pursue enrollment in a recognized tribe so that you will be better protected under the law.

However, for the vast majority of Cherokee peoples seeking enrollment, their family line is not tied to a roll that a federal or state recognized tribe of Cherokees recognizes for their own base roll. In other cases, a person may have that tie to a specific, recognized roll but may not have the blood quantum that varies drastically from Cherokee tribe to Cherokee tribe.

In that case, if no federal or state recognized Cherokee tribe or band can be found that will allow you to enroll with them, yet you can prove Cherokee ancestry by virtue of roll (any Cherokee roll), census, treaty or other substantial proof then you are possibly eligible for acceptance into the Florida Tribe of Cherokee Indians.

For more information, email our offices at or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, along with a letter requesting an enrollment application packet, to:


c/o Florida Tribe of Cherokee Indians, Inc.
PO Box 263
Milton, FL 32572

Additionally, you may also take advantage of our new downloadable forms. The entire enrollment packet is online as well as specific forms in the packet (i.e., application form, checklist, pedigree charts, and letter of verification form).

ALL applicants are required to submit an application form. No application will be approved if missing an application form. So that your application will not be rejected, please download the checklist and follow the guidelines for the enrollment option from which you are choosing to enroll by.

If you are a new applicant, you will also need to fill out the six generation pedigree chart in addition to the application form. Please see the checklist for any other questions regarding your application.

If you have a member of your family that is enrolled in the Tribe, you may elect to use the "compound genealogy" option. There is a reduced research/enrollment fee for this option and is a wonderful option for whole families seeking to enroll at one time. In this case, you will need to fill out, in addition to the application, a four generation pedigree chart as well as having said family member fill out a letter of verfication.

By vote of the General Assembly of the Tribe, new applicants may have the Enrollment Board review their six generation pedigree chart for preapproval. Once preapproved, the Enrollment Board will still need a signed application, payment, picture, and proof of claim. All requests for preapproval must be emailed to with "PREAPPROVAL SUBMISSION for" and your "FULL NAME" in the subject line of the email.

Moreover, children, under the age of 18, are allowed to enroll for a greatly discounted research/enrollment fee. Parental consent is required for a minor applicant to enroll with the Tribe. Please email us at for any questions regarding the procedure for minors enrolling in the Tribe. All requests regarding minor enrollment should have "MINOR ENROLLMENT QUESTION" in the subject line of the email.

Enrollment forms available for download